Spring Series #5 Results



Submitted by Tom Ward

Our two long weeks of Breeze deprivation ended Sunday morning, May 6th when the wind blew a steady 13 knots for the skippers meeting. An almost chilly 17 knot gust that reminded us that someone could even get wet! We were one very pumped Race Committee: Mobjack crews Steve Lamb and Lamin Heinish, and skippers Michael Becker, Tom Ward, and John Gardner. It was no small surprise to everyone that we had this kind of wind because John was RC Chairman. Go figure.

We introduced a "LeMans Start" race at the May 6th series. Some may recall the LeMans auto race, one requiring the drivers to run to their waiting cars, such that foot speed contributes to the finish line outcome. Our PRSA LeMans worked much the same way. It started at the end of the skippers meeting on the dock, and ended at the committee boat on the race course. The rules are simple. First boat to check in at the committee boat wins for each class. No other rules applied. Even navigational buoys were optional in this race. Bragging rights are the only reward for winning, but as anyone reading this web site knows, that's a big incentive to sailors.

LeMans Start Winners - Skipper Steve Sickels was first overall to check in with the Committee Boat on the race course, so he won big time bragging rights and topped his class, the Cats. Steven Kistler won for the Hamptons, and Bill Buck won for the Albacores.

The new starting system gave us the opportunity to start the Cats without waiting for everyone to arrive. They were under way in 14 knots wind at the starting line at 11:36.

We delayed the Hampton and Albacore starts until the classes had quorums of at least three, and started the Cats as soon as they returned to hailing range. The Cats moved fast, and it took them two races to realize that if they hung around after their finish, we could start them soon thereafter. This is a pleasant advantage to the new system.

Cat Race 2 - Started at 12:20:00 and finished in the same order as race 1. Jim finished at 12:38, Steve at 12:39, and Dallas at 12:40. In race three, we saw the same order, except that Dallas Capsized and decided to withdraw after losing four minutes of time. Jim finished in 18 minutes and eight seconds, with Steve 42 seconds behind him.

We started Cat Race 4 at 1:10:00, while the Albacores and Hamptons were finishing. We had discovered this was possible earlier in the series but until this point, hadn't actually planned it. By now this Mobjack Race Committee was getting comfortable with the new starting system. In this race, Jim Antonovich did not start. Steve Sickles was first, in his Isotope, finishing at 1:34:16. Dallas Carson finished eight seconds behind him at :34:24.

The Hamptons started their first race 1 at 11:45:00, about 9 minutes after the Cats. Latane cleaned house, pulling out a big lead at the windward mark and extending it on the reach.

Here are all the scores:

Open Catamaran Class Series Summary

Pl Sail # Skipper # 10 # 11 # 12 # 13 T
1 102984 Jim Antonovich 1 1 1 4\DNS 7
2 1919 Steve Sickels 2 2 2 1 7
3 102231 Dallas Carson 3 3 3\DNF 2 11

Albacore Class Series Summary

Pl Sail Skipper 10 11 12 T
1 7377 Lloyd Leonard 1 1 1 3
2 7460 Bill Buck 2 2 2 6
3 7493 Bill Kleysteuber 3 3 3 9

Hampton Class Series Summary

Pl S# Skipper 10 11 12 T
1 712 Latane Montague 1 1 1 3
2 638 Stephen Propst 4 2 2 8
3 684 Tom Ballantine 2 3 3 8
4 693 Steven Kistler 3 4 4 11